Thinking Outside the Web Site

We help you use the web to promote your business.

  • Helping you make the most of online directories and social media.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Professional copyediting.
  • Video, photography and multimedia that tell your company’s story.
  • Helping you build email campaigns that your customers and clients are happy to receive.
  • And yes we build web sites, too—Our focus is sites based on the Drupal Content Management System, which gives you control over your content and improves search-engine scores organically.

The smartphone is the new Yellow Pages. Are you in it? Will you reach the customers who look to the web first—before the Yellow Pages, newspapers, circulars and fliers? Just having "a website" isn’t enough. To prosper today, you need to engage the interactive web—get found on smartphones, reach people through their social networks,  and be smart about how you do it. Most of these online services are free. Using them ineffectively can be expensive.

And your website can’t sit without changes for months while you wait for your web guy to update that sentence. People expect content that changes and a chance to interact—both of which help you get found by search engines.

Contact us and find out how we can help.