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Miracle on Thirty-Funk Street

This was a fun video to create. It was all in the edit. The concept was set last spring when I met with the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus’s marketing team: How do we say funk music, capture the 1970s spirit when funk was new and make it contemporary? How do we make it fun and–hopefully–funny and capture the chorus’s penchant for repurposing cultural artifacts and giving them our own twist? So we looked to the K-Tel and Time Life music commercials of the era for inspiration.

We recorded the voiceover and shot the handful of original video sequences in a couple of hours on a weekday evening.

Then it was finding or recording music tracks to capture the spirit of the show, and capturing the spirit and rhythms of those old commercials without slavishly copying them.

Every element of the Maxey MediaWorks video production process was engaged:

  1. Client Planning: Who is the audience for this video, what do we want to make them *feel* about this product/event, and how do we want to move them to action?
  2. Script writing and editing, and acquiring props and locations.
  3. Shooting and audio recording.
  4. Finding and creating affordable digital video, graphic and audio assets (PremiumBeat, Envato, Pond5 and GarageBand all had a role).
  5. Editing.
  6. Leveraging delivery system technologies to turn viewers into leads—in this case, YouTube cards and annotations linking to a website landing page for the event, putting the viewer just two clicks from ordering tickets to a particular performance.

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